5 Ways to Find Twitter Followers Fast

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Expanding your Twitter list can appear to be daunting, especially when you’ve exhausted your Gmail and Yahoo Mail contacts and just don’t know what to do. Luckily there are several programs to help you find those new friends and colleagues, plus I’ll provide a few easy tips that will help secure them on your list forever.

1. BlastFollow

BlastFollow is incredibly simple to use. Choose the hashtag (they start with #) you think is popular or relates to your product or service you’re promoting. Enter it in the little form, hit the button, and see how many users have used that hashtag recently!

Now just enter your Twitter profile info and you’ll automatically follow all of them.

Because you are discussing the same things (hence the hashtag), hopefully, the users will take notice of who you are and what you’re doing and follow you back!

Caveat: Blastfollow works best when it comes to unique hashtags, such as ones used  by a webinar or conference panel. If you try to Blastfollow follow everyone tweeting hashtag “#smb,” you could end up with a flagged Twitter account.


2. Twellow

A portmanteau of “Twitter” and “Yellow,” as in Yellow Pages, Twellow is a database of practically every single Twitter user. They are categorized and searched by their profiles. If you’re looking for users interested in Circus Peanuts, just search for the term or expand it to candy lovers or just plain “candy.”

Twellow also separates users into categories, such as “1980s,” “Single Parenting,” and “Life Coaching.” These categories have further sub-categories so you can get specific about who you want to add as a follower.

3. Blog Comments

This takes a little bit more legwork, but it’s worth it in the long run! Every blogger worth their salt will have a Twitter account and also knows how to use it. Start following their blog and make comments on their posts to show you’re interested in them. After a while, when you follow them on Twitter, send them a message saying who you are, and you’ll almost be guaranteed a follow back.


4. Retweet & Respond

Now that you’re getting a solid list of people you’re following, it’s time to get them to follow you back! Keep up the conversation by not only occasionally retweeting a link, but engage in real back and forth with your new friends. More than just building business contacts, establishing Twitter followers as conversation buddies ensures they will pay attention to whatever you’re saying – or selling!

5. Head Off Twitter Altogether

Just because you spend most of your social media time on Twitter doesn’t mean you never go anywhere else. Add your Twitter handle to your email signature, ask your Facebook friends to follow you on Twitter, or add your Twitter link to your print marketing collateral. Twitter isn’t the only place to make Twitter friends, after all.

How do you find Twitter friends?

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