Android apps development

For the reason that of the large amount of freedom afforded to developers for Android, they are capable to pick and choose their own returns models. Although Android and Facebook are two very different platforms, it is worthwhile to compare the two in that regard. Facebook is arguably an even more open platform than Android, as apps have no approval process. However, on Facebook, you’re unable to charge for your applications.

There is also the size of the Android user base to consider. We have already established that they hold over fifty percent of the global smart-phone market. That is a lot of potential downloads. In other words, developing for Android means that your application will not only get out onto the market faster, it will reach a larger user base than it might on other platforms.

Since they are most likely to develop for the platform they themselves use, developers start making Android apps. Many of them get involved in the community, and as a result, they are available to help Android development newbie’s.

Android phones can run many applications; it means you can browse, Facebook while listened to the song. When you love to install applications or games, through Google’s Android App Market, Again can download applications for free. There are many thousands of applications and games that are ready for download on Android phones you.

If you are a loyal user of Google services ranging from Gmail to Google Reader Android phone has integrated with Google services, so you can quickly check e-mail from Gmail.

Android applications development comes without any restrictions and therefore the developers can create plentiful applications. Android apps development being an open source platform is the most suitable one for inters application integration for all types.

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