Android and iOS a Comparative Study

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It is a known fact that most of the software owners as well as developers are targeting mainly on iOS as their first choice. The reason for this is because there are better opportunities for an application to be sold out. Even though Android dominates in the number of apps than iOS, it is still is second to Apple’s iOS.


Android is actually an open source platform. It works on Linux kernel and is used in many mobile devices. Android is not simply enclosed for tablets or smartphones alone. It is also used in the latest television sets, smart watches, laptops, cameras and refrigerators. iOS on the other hand is limited to only a small number of devices. The possibilities of Android are more than iOS. It is used for the better performance of innovative applications.

It can be seen that Android is truly open in every way. It works well with ARM, MIPS and x86, the different instruction set architectures and can be used for any specific tasks. The programming language used for Android is Java. But it also makes use of codes that are written in both C as well as C++.

With the help of Android, many smart device companies have been able to build up devices with the various capabilities. Different resolutions, screen sizes and other specs can be altered as per requirement with the help of Android platform.


iOS is a platform meant especially for Apple products like iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. On the other hand, Android is used in various gadgets that provide user experience that varies from model to model.

It is a noted fact that cheaper android devices perform not as good as high-end Android devices. According to the quality of the device to be used, developers have to give more effort in developing an Android app. But it has to be noted that a large share of the market is still filled by the API levels as well as the old versions like Gingerbread.

Android keeps on changing on a fast pace, unlike iOS. Unlike iOS, it is difficult to find the right audience for Android. Since a whole lot of free apps are available for Android, it is extremely difficult to sell out paid apps like the iOS apps. On the other hand, Android consumes a lot of time in the , due to the process of fragmentation.



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