Have a Break Have an Android Kitkat – The new v4.4

by / Tuesday, 12 November 2013 / Published in Mobile - Smartphone

The new Android Kitkat version 4.4 is already popular in the crowd for its name. Before it got unveiled by the company, people, researchers and journalists were making assumptions for the upcoming version of Android as Key Lime Pie and other names of the desserts which start from the letter ‘K’, following the Google’s trend of alphabetical order. The name Kitkat declaration was a boom for the curious journalists and information seekers because Google and Nestle both played much well to keep this secret unrevealed till the date it was announced.

It’s Faster and Better

The system performance has been made faster by the Android’s Kitkat version which enables the users to do more multi tasking than ever before. The Kitkat operating system helps the user to speedily process different apps and easily swipe one after other.

Exclusive apps

A special messaging app available in the Android 4.4 is something new for the users who have different contacts to communicate with and via different messaging software or apps along with multimedia assistance where they can share photos, videos and sound clips and other GIF files.

Carry your Kitkat everywhere

If you have updated your smartphone with the New Android Kitkat 4.4 then certainly you might not now need other hardware to assist your work. The Kitkat is enough to treat your work as easily as literally eating a chocolate with ultimate pleasure. You can print and scan the files directly from your smartphone by just connecting it with the just right HP printer and make your life easier.

It would not be a fake statement to declare this version of Android as a chocolate treat to the technology users since this version has brought much smarter processing and application one loves to have on the finger tips in the just right manner.

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