One Quarter Almost Down and Three to Go – Six Best Apps of 2014 Thus Far

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With so many apps available for Android and iOS, it can be difficult to find the best ones. With all the new technology coming out this year making phones faster and faster, we can expect great things from 2014. Whether someone is looking for a way to improve their smartphone experience or simply wants to have some fun, the guide below can help with some of the best apps thus far for 2014.


With cloud storage becoming a more popular option, it can become difficult to keep track of files. The Octonius app for iOS allows for file management across iCloud, Google Drive and Dropbox, with timeflow and edit tracking to see where a file is, who made changes and when.


Launched by Biz Stone, who co-founded Twitter, Jelly is a new social app that helps people find friends by using pictures in response to questions. Photos can be edited and drawn on and easily sent out over other networks for responses. Jelly is available for both iOS and Android.

SwiftKey Note

Android users have enjoyed the SwiftKey keyboard app for some time, and now its power is available for iOS. It not only offers a fast way to take notes on an iPad or iPhone, it learns the user’s writing habits and makes personalized word predictions. Best of all, it works well with Evernote.


The website has long provided a space for people to write about life’s challenges and triumphs and get advice from others. While the site was restricted to college students, the app, available for both Android and iOS handsets, permits elementary school kids and post-graduates to participate.

Carrot Fit

Carrot Fit is an iOS standout in a market full of fitness apps. Designed as an aid for weight loss, this fun app speaks to the user using ridicule, bribes and occasional inspiration in order to reach goals. It also offers more practical tools such as BMI and weight trackers.

Flappy Bird

More of an honorable mention, Flappy Bird was a simple, yet frustrating game that went viral and generated buzz on social networks. It involved keeping a bird in the air, while it flew through gaps. If it touched anything, the game was over. Even though it did not last long, Flappy Bird will be remembered as one of the biggest tech events of 2014.

Although quarter one has not ended, with these apps in leading the way, 2014 looks to be an exciting year for smartphone across the board.  With several new handsets soon to be released, users can expect the next three quarters to bring plenty of surprises.

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