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Long gone are the days when travelers would wait for several hours either at travel terminals [airports], wasting time looking for direction after getting lost in a foreign city or being forced to spend the night in an unfamiliar hotel. This is because Mobile technology has made life much easier and more productive for travel enthusiasts since it helps travelers stay connected not only to their travel managers/agencies but also to the rest of the world through very powerful portable modern devices such as the iPad etc.

A. Why choose mobile technology 

As a travel enthusiast, the following are some of the reasons why you should seriously consider talking advantage mobile technology. They include the fact that:

I. Using mobile technology helps make planning for a trip much easier. The whole process of booking is simplified to an extent that you can make comparisons, book or even reschedule your flight from your personal portable device.

ii. Mobile technology serves as a guarantee to have travel expense inquiries [e.g. ticket prices] and booking details submitted very fast for processing, approved and then reimbursed quickly as well.

iii. Sky is a digital satellite TV making your family home entertaining. You can approach SKY Contact for sky connections. You can make use of your mobile technology for approach online.

B. Benefits of mobile technology to travelers 

They include:

a) Mobile ticketing 

Using a variety of mobile technologies, travelers can now make reservations/book as well as cancel their travel plans at their own discretion regardless of their location. The best thing about mobile ticketing is the fact that tickets are issued immediately and travelers are only required to present proof of the same via their phones once at the terminals/travel exit venue.

b) Easy distribution of travel vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards

 Travelers presented with these tokens equally enjoy their benefits as if they had traditional tokens.

c) Quick ticket purchase and delivery [spontaneous reservation processes]

Mobile technology has made very easy to make reservations while preparing to travel. In fact processing of travel details is done very quickly and notifications of approvals sent out the soonest possible.

d) Ease of access to location based travel services 

Using mobile technology, travelers are able to easily access and take advantage of location based travel services e.g. local travel discount offers, daily traffic and weather reports amongst other things.

Through mobile technology, travelers also get to enjoy a variety of information services e.g. international news which are sent out by travel agencies/ mangers straight to their mobile devices.

e) Flexible payment options 

Through mobile technology, traveler can now access their banks and other financial institutions to make payments or settle their travel expenses. This can be done through e-cheque, electronic funds transfers etc.

Mobile technology also allows for mobile purchases. Travelers are free to shop for different items wherever they visit and take advantage of mobile payments to take advantage of the bills.

From the above, it is very clear that travelers are amongst the top beneficiaries in using travel related mobile technology trends. In short, all the advancements in mobile technology are going hand in hand with travel needs.

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