Apple’s new iPhone, dubbed the iPhone6 will be released this upcoming fall (2014). Apple has not officially released the details about the phone but several features have been leaked to the media in order to whet the publics’ appetite. Although a lot of rumors are merely hearsay, some speculations are quite accurate, only increasing the

Digital marketing has entirely changed the way through which the people were use to advertise or promote their services and products. Now businesses are available with a variety of marketing tools that are both cost effective and convenient. In this competitive world of digital marketing, all the businesses want to achieve success by utilizing the

There was a great transformation in the Smartphone market with the coming of Apple’s first generation Smartphone named iPhone. Before that, the typical phone was marked by keypads, and iPhone first brought about a revolution by not adding keypads to the design. The total concept of phone was changed by this very innovative thinking by

Have you ever felt that the speed and performance of your Smartphone has decreased soon after you have installed a few apps in your Smartphone? If yes is the answer, then it might be because you might not have checked the quality or specs of the apps you have downloaded in your device. Whether you

From last few years, the internet has completely changed the way we use to shop. Now the E-commerce sites have given a new and revolutionized system to shop with convenience. Online shopping is increasing day by day as it gives a brilliant user experience with an opportunity to choose desired product and services from a

Android and iOS a Comparative Study

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It is a known fact that most of the software owners as well as developers are targeting mainly on iOS as their first choice. The reason for this is because there are better opportunities for an application to be sold out. Even though Android dominates in the number of apps than iOS, it is still

Facebook is a great platform to grow your business, with its 1.19 billion monthly users it has a huge potential to deliver your business the right amount of revenue that you deserve. It can become your perfect marketing tool to promote your product or services and provide you long term benefits. Incorporating an app to

Mobile applications are of greater demand in this world of smart phones and tablets. Applications have made life easier. A whole lot of apps have been developed by app developers from all round the world for users of Smartphone to handle a whole lot of things without any hassles. With the rising popularity of applications

In the past few years whole world of digital marketing has dramatically changed, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) just came out as an effective tool to market your brand or product. Search Engine Optimization is a simple way to enhance your business performance through your professional website. It is an amazing marketing strategy because it is

iPhone is a third generation multimedia Smartphone that has been designed as well as marketed by the masters of computer world, Apple Inc. it was released in the year 2007, and has been successful in becoming the mark of tech savvies all round the world. The coming of iPhones to the Smartphone market has created