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Mobile applications are of greater demand in this world of smart phones and tablets. Applications have made life easier. A whole lot of apps have been developed by app developers from all round the world for users of Smartphone to handle a whole lot of things without any hassles. With the rising popularity of applications among Smartphone users, the demand for apps that work on multiple platforms also rose high. Developing apps for multiple platforms is called cross mobile platform development.


What is cross mobile platform development?

Earlier, apps developed for a particular platform worked only in that platform. It does not work on yet another platform. An application meant for iOS would work only for iPhones and apps that were meant for Android worked only for Android devices. This was a major drawback in the mobile industry.

Entrepreneurs, who wanted to develop apps for the marketing purpose, had to develop apps for each and every platform. This can turn out to be very costly for them. With the coming of cross mobile app development, this problem was solved forever. Apps that run on various platforms can be created with the help of this technology and entrepreneurs need not go developing apps for each and every platform.

benefits of cross mobile app platform

Major benefits of Cross mobile platform development

You will be able to find APIs and a lot of innovative features in the best cross platform technologies. These will help to simplify the app development task for mobiles. Though developers have to put in their full effort for the purpose of coding the right way, the final result would be awesome. Native apps can be thus created for variety of mobile platforms with the code thus created.

With Cross mobile platform development, you can save a huge amount of time, cut down unnecessary expenses that is related to mobile app development and also helps you to reach out to almost every Smartphone user.

With the help of cross mobile platform development, app developers are able to build up compatible as well as powerful apps without taking a lot of effort. They are able to integrate with ease, the third party APIs. For the purpose of such a mobile development, developers make use of languages like JavaScript or Ajax. Flexible apps can be created with the help of this technology. Some of the popular open source tools used for cross development are Rhomobile, Appcelerator Titanium, PhoneGap, MoSync and Sencha Touch.


RhoMobile was earlier known by the name Rhodes Framework. It is used for the purpose of building native mobile apps that are capable of working properly on multiple operating systems and devices. Motorola Solutions won RhoMobile. Platforms like iOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone and lots others are supported by this framework. Rhomobile makes use of Model View Controller of MVC pattern. With the help of this pattern, Ruby as well as HTML are made use of for the purpose of writing views as well as controllers.


PhoneGap is another cross platform mobile development framework popular among developers these days. Coders make use of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript with the help of standardized web APIs for the very purpose of creating apps with perfect quality. Such apps will be able to work on a variety of operating systems that include Android, Blackberry, Windows 8, Windows Phone, Symbian, iOS and lots of other platforms. PhoneGap is the creation of Adobe Systems and the main software used is Apache Cordova.


If you want to develop apps for smart phones, tablets and even for desktops, then it would be wise enough to choose Appcelerator Titanium. Appcelerator is gaining more and more popularity among developers these days for it is the best framework that supports different types of devices. It is widely used for iPhones, iPads, Android devices and Blackberry devices. With Appcelerator, developers create apps for iPhone and Android devices with the help of JavaScript. It is extremely important for a coder to have good knowledge about Titanium API where cross platform mobile development is getting more and more popularity day by day.

Sencha Touch

With the help of Sencha Touch, developers are able to create innovative apps for various platforms for mobile with using CSS3 as well as HTML5. Sencha Touch can be called as the best technology available for HTML (mobile). A developer who does not have a better knowledge about Android, Blackberry or iOS will be able to use Sencha Touch, if he is has a better knowledge about CSS3 and HTML5. The developer does not need to learn new languages for coding. With Sencha Touch, a code need not be written thrice. It takes only a single code when the developer is using Sencha Touch. Such apps are perfect for iOS, Blackberry and Android devices.

Mo Sync

Mo Sync is developed by Mobile Sorcery. And open source software development kit is provided by MoSync for the purpose of building cross platform mobile apps. Apps can be created by developers using languages like JavaScript, C, C++, HTML5 and CSS. It is used to develop apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

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