Use Your Iphone While Driving

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Apple Inc after the sad demise of Steve Jobs, the company went crazy in mobile technology. A California based company who design, develop and sell Smartphone and personal computers. Apple Inc pioneer in Mobile Technology and best known in line of personal computers has indulged himself in the automobile industry after making a name in the mobile industry.

Apple has recently announced Apple Car Play, one of the latest integrated system with Apple iPhone and the car. Apple has always impressed his customers by bringing new technology and great ideas to his consumers, So much so before the product introduced in market the consumers already made plan and budget to buy the technology. Apple has integrated his operation system named Mac into the car. The top car brands named Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Jaguar, Honda, Hyundai and Volvo are already becoming the technology implementers and Apple is dedicated in bringing more future partners like Subaru, Toyota and BMW. Even ford has announced that they will no longer use Microsoft Software.

The integration solely rely on Apple’s Lighting connectors to the phone with a car, and it is compatible with only iPhone 5 and iPhone 5C. Users can increase AC, control volume, adjust seats, lock doors, adjust mirrors and can tune to your favorite radio channel.

Consumers are now discussing and have headache for using their existing phones this is the debate which is going on in all social media. Automakers are now figuring out how to use consumers existing Smartphone’s in their cars. Apple Carplay is still a developing project which is in research and development phase but the news is spread out into the market and consumers are eager to buy this technology.

Apple is one of the world’s largest technology company by revenue after Samsung electronics and the world’s third largest mobile phone maker company.

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