Drone Coming to Amazon Customers

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People were shocked when they saw Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on CBS TV news show 60minutes Sunday. Jeff is bringing a new idea to deliver the product with in 30minutes to customers; this will create a new market for one of the largest online retailer company Amazon.  As soon as the user click on buy button an automatic unmanned aircraft known as Octocopters will fly and deliver the requested package through a service company named PrimeAir.

Bezos showed a video demo on the show how the unmanned aircraft will pack the packages into small yellow boxes at Amazon’s Delivery Centers and fly through the air to deliver the package, all this will be done by just hitting the buy button at online Amazon Website.

The idea of this latest delivery system is to satisfy the customers and understand how quickly they need their package. Using PrimeAir into commercial use will take some years as Amazon is still in the development stage of this project. This technology also worried the local Aviation Authorities to make rules and regulations and come up with the safe strategy. Bezos told viewers that the service will take few years although he mentioned he is very optimist person.

Clerics said it is still too early because we don’t know if this kind of project is possible when it comes to public safety. But some researchers said the Air vehicles will be used as normal delivery trucks on the roads.

Amazon Prime air

Drones are used by U.S army to shoot missiles at the enemy in countries such as Afghanistan and Pakistan. But the cost of these unmanned aircraft is significantly dropped in recent years, making them accessible for commercial uses.

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