E-Commerce Websites an Ultimate Way to Boost Revenue

E-Commerce Website

From last few years, the internet has completely changed the way we use to shop. Now the E-commerce sites have given a new and revolutionized system to shop with convenience. Online shopping is increasing day by day as it gives a brilliant user experience with an opportunity to choose desired product and services from a huge available variety.

It is equally becoming a competitive marketplace for E-store owners to survive, because many E-commerce stores are out there and are offering great quality products with excellent user experience. Hence, it becomes important for every E-commerce website owner to provide such a marvelous and enhanced user experience that will increase your conversions, and boost overall revenue.

Here are some extremely useful tips that will help you to turn each user click into purchase.

Know Your Niche’

Before setting up an E-commerce store, it is important for every E-store owner to keep customers in mind and figure out who are their competitors and what their unique selling point is. It helps you to describe your brand and niche’ and that ultimately results in more sales by targeting your potential customers and attracting more clients. To face your competitors in the market and provide true benefits to your customers, your unique selling point could be lower prices, fast delivery or quality products.

Use High Quality Images

Using high quality images of your product from different angles enable your customers to know the quality of your product with finer details. It creates a good impression because your customers can not touch the product through online shopping. By offering a picture with complete details of the product and enhanced zooming feature, you ensure your customers to make a smart purchase.

Secure Payment Method

Customers always make purchase when they see safe and secure payment options on your Ecommerce website. It is important for every online business to provide secure and verified payment options such as credit card, PayPal and bank transactions. It is essential for business owners to offer a variety of payment methods to its customers so it will help them to take right decision to buy a product and ensures you that you are not missing out any important sales for your business.

Express Checkout

Customer account registration gives you all the necessary details about your potential customers but it can be a time consuming and annoying procedure for your customer to go through several steps of registration and it can even result in loss of important sales. Express checkout or guest option is a hassle free solution for all those customers who are in hurry. It gives you all the important information of the user while allowing your customer to go through less registration options and enjoy a streamlined shopping experience.


Offer Free Shipping

By minimizing shipping charges, E-commerce store owners can get more sales. It has been observed that, when you offer free shipping to your customers they feel like they have got the best deal and it helps them a lot to make a perfect purchase decision. Thousands of web retailers are now offering free shipping to attract more clients, in this scenario applying extra shipping charges to increase profits can throw you out of the league.

Live Chat

By adding a feature of live chat, you provide your customers a lively experience to interact with your correspondent. It shows that you are happy to answer your customer’s queries and question to make the right purchase decision. You should also display your email and telephone number clearly in the live chat section so your customers can provide you instant feedback about your products as well.

Transparency and Loyalty

To run a successful online shopping store and gain your customer’s confidence in you, it is important to display your complete contact information, accurate product details and include a FAQs page so that your customers can get all the answers of their queries about the delivery of products, cancellation of orders and exchange of goods. All such actions give a sigh of relief to your customers that you are honest, loyal and are providing quality products.

Mention Delivery Time Clearly

You need to provide accurate information about the delivery time of the product and return policy. It helps your customers to know the exact time and day of the delivery of their desired product with a peace of mind that if they did not like the product, it could be returned.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews is an essential feature for your E-commerce website. By giving a positive and genuine reviews on your different products and services, your current customers not only help your new customers to take a purchase decision with the confidence on the quality of your product, but it also helps you from SEO perspective. When Google founds fresh and unique content on your site it ultimately helps you in better ranking and that increases your click through rates.

Responsive and user friendly E-commerce site expresses true image of your business. If you have prepared your website with all the above necessary features, then you have not only prepared your business to attract new customers but you have prepared it to face the challenges and stand out from your competitors in future.

Mahnoor is a four year veteran of using social media and both web and mobile technologies to built digital relationships for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Mahnoor speaks, blogs, writes articles, and make media of all kinds at Pevolve.


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