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Electronic commerce or ecommerce is a word for some kind of commerce, or marketable business that absorbs the transport of information across the Internet. It coats a variety of different sorts of businesses, from consumer based retail sites, all the way through public sale or music sites, in the direction of business relations dealing goods and services among firms. It is at this time one of the most essential characteristic of the Internet to come into view.

By definition e-commerce refers to businesses and consumers buying and selling products online.

Because there are hundreds of different products and services for consumers and the multitude of different ways these products and services can be delivered, e-commerce by its nature is varied in the way it works.

There are some of the aspects of electronic commerce that are as follows:

  • Universality: that means electronic commerce is available every time and everywhere.
  • Worldwide reach:  the possible advertising size is approximately equivalent to the size of the online populace of the globe.
  • Social technology:  User content generation and social networking technologies
  • Richness:  Information that is complex and content rich can be delivered without sacrificing reach

Ecommerce is an electrifying and attractive part of the internet, it allows us as customers to vision, contrast and buy products online and after that have them transported to us. It facilitates business to advertise and put up for sale online to perk up their services to customers and improve productivity and abundance.

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