How to Establish Your E-Commerce Site: 6 Tips for Your Startup Firm

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Opening an E-commerce site is never easy. There are so many considerations to think of. The most important thing though is that you have your competency, the skills and the time to dedicate to make sure your e-commerce site is going to be a very successful endeavor. When you launch you E-commerce business, take note that it’s web-based and so you need to have a portal that will serve as your business’ window to the world. This is where the need for an ecommerce site comes in.

Preparing for Creating your Ecommerce Site

Before you dive into the intricacies of technology and , consider first the important aspects of your business, such as conducting a market research, determining your budget, development and maintenance of your business. What’s great with running your business virtually is that all the aspects of your business can be addressed in the most financially affordable manner possible. In some instances, in fact, there even exists really affordable (even FREE!) solutions that will make your work easier, faster and more efficient. Try doing a market analysis first. Consider if there’s really a market for your business. If there is, indeed, a demand, consider if there’s room for competition and growth. Take a look at what’s trending online and determine which niche market you think is most suitable for you. Once you’ve chosen your niche market, it’s time to prepare your business summary or plans, which should include your aims, goals and aspirations and your means of achieving such aims.

Identify the Product

Once the ecommerce essentials have been determined, it’s either you’d want to market your own business or subscribe to affiliate programs. With affiliate programs, you get commissions for referrals or for every sale made through your website. Among the most popular affiliate programs are those from ClickBank, Amazon and eBay.

Determine your Keywords

Before you decide to launch your ecommerce site, consider the keywords that you would use on your online marketing campaign. These keywords should be frequently used by searchers and they should be popular within your niche as well. Ideally, the best keywords are those that attract high traffic but have lower competition, although this is not really always the case. You will use your keywords later when creating your domain name, website address, and writing your contents and product descriptions.

Look for a Good Name

When considering a name for your website, decide on one that’s easy to remember. If you find it easy to remember, chances are, it will easily stick to searchers’ mind, which could greatly contribute to your branding campaign. As much as possible, try to incorporate the used keywords on your website title.


What you need is a stable and trusting hosting service. Check online and you’ll find a lot of domain hosts to choose from. Of course, before your commit, it’s important that you’re happy about what you are going to get. The best hosting is one that comes with technical support 24/7, accommodates different technology platforms and provides tiered hosting plans that will really save your pocket.

Choosing and Installing Shopping Cart

Running an ecommerce site will make you want to solve the problem of checking out products. Of course, you’ll need an application that will make it easier and more convenient for your customers to order or purchase their product. There are open source shopping carts available, such as OSCommerce, ZenCart and OpenCart. Once the issue of shopping cart has been addressed, the next thing to consider is to look for a safe place where your money would kind. Opening an account with Paypal and other digital cash payment methods would be a great idea and it won’t cost you a dime actually.

All in all, designing your website should come with great planning. It’s like your online shop. Keep it, therefore, appealing, user-friendly and easy to navigate. Maintain a blog page to provide your clients with a great source of exciting information. That’s another reason to keep them coming back to your site!

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