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Google Lover’s can’t wait to see the new development Integrated Development Environment (IDE) named Spark. Google always bring something new for their users, this time they are thriving hard to build an App based Chrome which will have integrated development Environment. That means the developer has to open browser for his mobile programming. This will bring a new revolution to the browser industry. Below are some of the points which everyone should know about Spark Project.

  • Scalable web app engineering language named Dart is a basis of Spark Project.
  • Polymer’s widgets GUI library is used.
  • Anyone who is interested can download how Dart and polymer can be used together to build the next generation Chrome Apps.

This is still too early to say the success or failure of this project. It’s still a question that if Google will really support this recent development and change its Browser’s strategy, when it’s really on boom? Google’s chrome browser is now a days on peak of its popularity. Developers are not sure about this step of Google because of their previous failed project named Collide and open-source IDE on browser. Chrome App is a web app which runs inside Chrome browser. This means it can take all the luxuries and advantages of Chrome capabilities.

Dart is Google’s open source web programming language, the goal of the dart is to replace traditional JavaScript. Polymer is also Google’s baby used for leveraging the evolving web development on latest browsers. Dart is totally Object oriented programming language with C-style syntax. The release of Dart 1.0 means it is now ready for market not only for testing, said Dart Project Manager Lars Bak. Although there are lots of showstoppers still left in Dart to go directly on the web browser, for this Google offers alternative that can make useful, while Google is still busy in convincing browser vendors that Dart is still worth to adopt as web programming language.

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Google’s Spark - Scalable web app