What are the Latest Link Building Trends?

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Link building is no more a matter of guest blogging or creating engaging content for your website. But it has become an art through which you can achieve your desired business goals. In this competitive digital world of marketing, some people still use such traditional old strategies because they are somewhat effective for them to get links. But smart brains never follow the traditions as they find their own way and always strive to achieve the best. If you really want to implement some creative and practical techniques to obtain links, then we dedicate all these amazing and smart link building techniques to you!


Build Relationships Not Links

You need to be very careful at this point, as it requires delicacy and patience to get in to the conversation with influencers. But if you are new to this industry, it could be a little difficult for you to get recognized in the network of the masters of your business niche’. But once you build relationship with the influencers, you can open a way for yourself to get connected with a lot of people that belongs to your business domain.

If you succeed in building good relationship with your influencers, then you can involve them in writing of your articles. The first thing you can do is to write an influencing article in which you can discuss the role of top performers of your niche’. You can also add links of their sites that will act as a magnet for you to attract more people. If your influencers got bigger shares and likes on social media for their articles, then there is a big chance that they can share your article in their network just because you have involved and mentioned them in your writing. This will help you to reach wider audience and get known for your quality work.

You can adopt another approach to recognize yourself that is, get the opinions and views of the people (who belongs from your business niche’) on a particular matter. You can put all the data together and produce a valuable article that will help the industry to know the interests and demands of the people about certain product or service. Your role to provide a valuable and informative article would promote your contribution on different social networks of the professionals.

Updated Infographics

Infographics is a great source to attract the attention of the viewers because everyone enjoys visual content. You can search and re-design the infographics that are created for your niche’. Your updated version of infographic would add value to a particular piece of information while increasing awareness among the readers.

You can contact and inform the sites that has outdated infographic, about your updated and improved version. It is advantageous for you if they show interest to update their link with updated content of yours.

You can use a back-link checker to get the information of the sites, that link to those infographics. It will help you to extract the potential of your domain that refer and point to the link. This is a quick and creative way to develop links; through this you can get a great number of links just like the other successful campaigns working in your business niche.

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Search from the Scrap

Another way to build links is that, when you find some inactive and deleted pages on the sites of your niche, you can identify the problem with the content and create a better one by using some of its information. If you are a master, then you know how to do it right.

When you are ready with the latest and updated content, you can contact the owner of the site as if he/she is interested to redirect the link to your web page or blog. But remember! When you search for such inactive or deleted pages, do not stumble upon the websites who have less links. Try to search for the sites that have more back-links, it will increase your chances of success.

Reach Out To Your Fans

To communicate with your customers successfully, you need to answer their queries and questions honestly in order to build a strong and meaningful relationship. It is a key component to achieve online success to answer their questions online. You have to look out the online forums, groups and networks where your fans or customers can gather. By sorting out the answers of your fans questions, you can help them a lot and in return, they will start linking to your site for other great and useful content on your website.


Fresh, Long Lasting and Useful Content

To keep yourself in the long run with success, you should develop a content that could leave perpetual effects on your business niche. It’s not that hard, by spending a little time on research you could find such content that is always useful for the people. You can put all the information together that you found on internet and change it according to the latest market demands. By giving spark of your creativity to the articles, you provide informative and visually appealing content to the people.

When you provide long lasting and useful articles, your readers can use it for long period of time because these articles have real appeal. You can also ask your followers to provide you links to other content that they might want to see with a fresher look. By this method, you get more links while providing your audience fresh and engaging content.

We know that you never thought of using such link building techniques before. To gain more followers and recognize yourself in your business domain, it is essential for you to think out of the box. But now we provide you a combination of prolific and practical strategies to get more links with highly useable content. By implementing these smart and creative techniques for link building, you can get higher ranking in search engine with increased number of followers.

Mahnoor is a four year veteran of using social media and both web and mobile technologies to built digital relationships for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Mahnoor speaks, blogs, writes articles, and make media of all kinds at Pevolve.


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