Smartphones, Tablet Computers and other mobile devices all need apps (short for mobile applications)


Mobile App development or Mobile Application Development is basically developed for handheld devices named, mobile phones or smartphones which include iPhone, Android phone, windows phone and blackberry devices. The apps can be factory installed on devices or can be downloaded by users from different mobile app centers. App developers must need to consider the varying screen sizes and hardware specifications and various configurations because of too much competition in the mobile softwares, making changes in different platform mobile app is now the fastest growing industry in information technology. Below is the chart which shows you how fast it is.

Apple App Store Downloads

Platform development environment

Every platform for mobile apps must have an integrated development environment, which gives different tools that allow developer to make a mobile app, test it and deploy on the appropriate app store. Have a look on the below chart.

Language Development Environment
iOS xCode AppCode
Android Java, C Eclipse, IntelliJ IDEA
Blackberry Java Eclipse, Blackberry JDE
Windows Mobile .Net Visual Studio 200x


iPhone OS now iOS is a mobile opertation system which was developed and commercially distributed by Apple Inc. The iOS was developed for iPhone but later it has been extended to be available for other apple devices such as iPod, iPad, iPad Mini and Apple TV. iOS app store has 900,000 apps.


A linux based mobile operating system, designed for touchscreen devices. Originally developed by Android Inc which later bought in 2005 by google and was publically available in 2007. Android is getting its popularity for enterprises who wants quick and low cost operating system for their mobile devices. Not only in mobile devices there are other electronic items in which android is installed like televisions, watches, games consoles, cameras. GoogleApp store hosts more than 1 million apps which is higher than the iOS app store.


A proprietary mobile operation system which was developed by Canadian company Blackberry Ltd. This operation system allows multitasking and gives support for specialized mobile devices which is adopted by blackberry Ltd. Blackberry was very popular among businessmen but after iPhone and Android it is no more in the market. Blackberry Ltd tries to capture the market again when they introduced Z10 but it was not accepted by the market.  The Canadian company loses $432 million.

Microsoft Windows Mobile

Microsoft Introduces his mobile OS for the handheld devices in Feb 2010. Unlike its predecessor the primary aim is to capture the consumer market rather then enterprise market. Moreover Microsoft has done a partnership with Nokia. Nokia is now using Microsoft Windows Mobile(windows phone 8) on its latest handsets. Recently windows phone store has passes 200, 000 apps.

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