The importance of responsive design in SEO

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The last 24 months have seen a lot of change in the world of online marketing.

We have seen significant advances in the technologies people are using to build websites and to make their websites stand out.

In amongst all of this is responsive website design. A huge development designed to make websites more adapted to tablets and mobile phones.

Creating websites using responsive design really is important if you want to appeal to the wider audience and the increasing number of people browsing websites and online resources on their mobile devices.

A recent study shows a 51% increase in online conversions due to responsive website design.

Further more for any business or service provider who has SEO as a core component to their online marketing strategy, having a mobile friendly website is becoming increasingly essential due to the user behaviour associated. Having a website with a responsive design will cause users and viewers of the website to have a better experience. This will improve your average visitor’s ‘time on site’ and average ‘page views’.

With Google increasingly looking to better the search engine results with resources which people find useful, these metrics matter. What better metrics could Google use to determine the helpfulness or relevancy of a resource than to use user behaviour as a factor?

Given that over 65% of online users claim that they are more likely to purchase from a website which has a friendly mobile experience, companies that rely on search engine marketing will be smart to adopt the idea of focusing on what is becoming the primary platforms for online success

One of the main benefits of having a responsive website is that a single platform can provide content and resources to all devices. Thsi can have a positive effect on users no matter which device they decide to access your website with.

One possible analogy would be:

You are on a train on your way to work and you stumble across a website which is offering a 24 hour sale online. You like the look of a jumper of a pair of shoes, and save your item to your wish list within the website to access when you get to work or home. Only when you get home you decide to complete the transaction on your laptop or desktop computer…

Well responsive design lets to accomplish this, by maintaining the user experience, not just visually, but even by saving the product for a customer and allowing them to access the same items in their wish list on another device.

In essence responsive design is becoming an important part of online mix amongst those who are finding bigger success online.

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Importance of responsive design - Online marketing strategy