Robot programming for kids

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One of the most popular California based company is trying to market next year small programmable robots aiming an ultra-simple language.

Using the crowd funding projects the family edutainment toys will expand to two new specimens “Bo” and “Yana”. These will be the most initial version the two machines which includes packed sphere of sensors (accelerometers, gyroscope, microphone, infrared sensors) and can quickly respond from the user by flashes and the sound output.

The recent advanced version has three wheels. Engines allow it to focus its head and moving in its environment another additional feature is you can attach different accessories. The advancement of robotics does not lie in motor skills but in their very simple programming interface. The language used in behavior and actions of these two robots is called scratch. The programming is so simple which can be programmed by an age of eight year of kid.  Try this link and enjoy

Programmers can design the real world scenarios easily and add the real world effects in their programs. However, the actual fun comes at a price of $149 to have a mobile model in order to add a touch pad or a Bluetooth Smartphone device. The device can easily be plugged in Apple tablet. The California Company is trying to make a system compatible with android apps.

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