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We all live in the marketing era. And it’s about all spheres of our life. If you’re extremely good at something, no matter what – managing the people, dancing or writing awesome blog posts but cannot promote yourself –you’re a failure! Today, it’s not the best one who takes the first prize – it’s the one who took care of self-promotion.

So, somebody should tell it to you – no matter how good the content is, if you are read by 20 people per month. And yes, no one will see your stunning design in this case. If, in addition to this, the blog is aimed for business, the boss will fire you for the lack of promotional skills – and he’ll be right!

I bet you want the blogging success – otherwise you wouldn’t have started the blog at all. I’m going to offer you several ways than can help you to attract as many readers as you wish! It’s high time for getting down to business and doing the following:

Guest blogging

It’s a real salvation for the beginners who have great writing skills and the lack of readers.  If you’re a real expert, the readers will wish to check your blog.

Note: offer your best articles to other blogs and encourage the readers to visit yours. Where to find guest post opportunities: check or

Building the network

People are the best asset when it comes to building your popularity. So, since the early days after publishing several posts, start building the relationships that will work for you. Communicate and collaborate with others bloggers of your niche. Encourage the readers’ activity, answer to all their queries.

  • Promote other bloggers’ post
  • Answer all comments
  • Inform everyone you know that you have a blog now. You can’t even imagine how many people you know and how much they can help you with promotion. The word goes far!

Social media power

Social networking websites are commonly used by bloggers for posts promotion and building the traffic to their blogs. You should do the following! But note that simple sharing won’t be good enough.

  • If you don’t know where to start, share via Facebook, twitter and Google+ – these are the most popular
  • Ask your friends, colleagues, fellows bloggers to share your post so more people will know about it
  • Don’t simply push the ‘share’ button – add your comment, the more encouraging and odd it is – the better
  • Participate in communities related to your niche and promote your post there, for your target audience.


SEO points

If everything looks good for visitors, it’s time to make sure whether it does for the search engines.

  • Find the best working keywords. Use the as a useful tool to find the appropriate keywords and compare which of them are the best choice
  • Add them to your content
  • Learn the latest SEO trends to make sure that your efforts will work
  • Use the proper text formatting; include more links, lists, page numbers, paragraphs and subtitles as well as visual data in your posts.
  • Don’t underestimate the importance of link building; try to get the Google-loved sites link you and this will boost your relevance.

And some final tips so you would know that there’s infinite number of promotional ideas:

  • Make your url short and easy to remember
  • Create a short, catchy headline – only 2 of 8 people continue reading the post after checking the headline, so you need to increase this number!
  • Advertise it via Google AdWords – use the extract from your article and add the link to your blog
  • Use the special tools used for promotion, such as Hootsuite or Social Bro
  • Use pop-up to catch your reader’s emails and inform them about new posts
  • Add the title of your recent post to your email signature with a direct link, so everyone who gets letters from you will be automatically announced about the update.

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