Three Signs Your Office Phones are Due an Update

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It’s not exactly uncommon to see an office worker throwing his or her telephone headset at the wall in a fit of blind range from time to time…it’s something most of us are guilty of. However, there comes a time and a place when it’s necessary to take more than a fleeting glance at the telephone systems and supplies across the office and mull over whether the time has well and truly come for an update.

Of course, nobody likes the idea of footing the bill for what could be a pretty sizeable investment, but as far as necessary investments go, there are few more necessary for the good of your business.

So if you’re among the thousands wondering whether or not you fit under such a header, here are three glaring signs that you should probably factor an update of your phone systems into your near-future plans:

Your Bills are OTT

First and foremost, there’s technically no such thing as a pleasant phone bill, but there are certainly agreeable and hideously disagreeable bills. These days, it’s entirely normal to expect the majority of business owners to claim their bills fit neatly into the latter category and very rare to hear of any that are truly happy with theirs. Why is this? Well, simply because most haven’t yet made the switch to VoIP and the amazing cost savings it can offer. It really doesn’t matter whether you make a few calls a week, receive a thousand a day or have to arrange international conference calls fortnightly – it is impossible not to see phone bills come crashing down to absolute minimums when switching to VoIP.

So if your bills are too high and you’re looking for the best way to do something about it, the answer is right in front of you.


Standards are Slipping

Most people may have turned to the internet to find answer to their question, seek out services and make purchases, but for millions there is still only one way of doing business – by phone. Sadly for those on the other end of the equation, service standards these days are so high that you cannot and will not get away with phone lines that let callers down in any way, shape or form. From poor sound quality to cut-offs to a simple lack of lines to answer calls efficiently, annoying your customers is such a way is a pretty convincing method of losing them for good.

VoIP offers flawless quality, freedom of expansion and the kind of consistency analogue just doesn’t come close to.


Features are Limited

And finally, if you’re paying a standard phone bill and yet never make use of any 21st century features, it’s either because you can’t afford them or they’re far too complicated to bother with. With VoIP, an astounding array of features comes as standard with even the cheapest package and using them is usually as easy as clicking a mouse. They integrate with standard PCs seamlessly, which means that if you know your way around Windows to even a basic extent, you’ll master VoIP in about three minutes.

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This guest post is written by John Baron, a tech enthusiast and an animal rights activist.

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