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Social media optimization is all about enhancing your brand’s value and attracting and engaging your customers’ with your products and services. In the world of online marketing, SMO has become as important as SEO, because it drives optimal traffic to your business. Some rules of SEO do apply to SMO, but there are some extremely important features that you need to understand and consider for optimizing your social media profile. What are those features? Have a look!

Get socialized

Your social media profile is a voice of your business, but it should say what your customers want to hear. Your every post should deliver a clear and concise message to your audience, but it has to be engaging so you can get instant responses from your customers on every post. And don’t forget to reply your fans if they have any query or concern, because the more you value their opinion, the more they will stick to your brand.

Integrate Multimedia

Social media platforms provide you a great way to build a relationship with your valued fans and customers. You may add new pictures, videos, tutorials, informative blogs and other media in your profile. Incorporating different tools and media in your profile makes it look interesting and it delivers your customers amazing experience.

Social Share Buttons

The best way of promoting your products, blogs and websites is – incorporating social sharing buttons like, Facebook’s Recommend or Share,  Twitter’s Tweet This and Pinterest’s Pin It to your each and every post. By integrating these, you will ultimately get huge traffic from several other platforms.

Quality Content

Social media posts are another form of content that is as important as your blog posts and website. In-order to keep your social media profiles lively, adding engaging and useful content regularly is essential. Posts are quickly archived, and disappear like an arrow from a bow. So create a schedule of posting your content regularly, but try to post and promote only quality content in your each post.

Optimize For Keywords

Don’t overweight your social profiles with multiple keywords. Try to keep them natural as much as possible, but it is essential to know your keywords and phrases, because that’s how your customers and visitors get attracted towards your brand and services.

Customize Profiles on Each Social Media Site

Keeping up an uniform description of your business on each social media site is not a good idea. In-fact, it will decrease the efficiency of your business for the targeted audience on each site. Customized description and design of your profile on different social media sites keep the users of that particular site engaged with your products. And search engines also show a preference for those profiles that have all the details available, because it gives professional and comprehensive appearance to your business profile.

Monitor Visitor Behavior

Each social media site provides the analytics tools through which you can observe what people are doing and what are they searching for. By knowing what your customers want and what they do not like, you can cut down some of the features and concentrate only on important goals of your business. Closely watching their behavior will help you to design a successful marketing strategy.

Be Unique and Interesting

Share valuable, helpful, informative and interesting content and motivate your customers and visitors to spread it in their network. It can give your profile a lot of exposure.

Right Content at the Right Time

Pay attention to the timing of your social media posts and sketch results, because certain times of day bring you desirable response. Results will help you to identify high-traffic periods.

Cocktail Party Rule

Try not to talk about yourself only in your posts. Self-promotion portrays a negative image of your business. To be interesting and engaging, focus on the topics that are helpful for your network. Post and share advice, tips and tricks that benefit your visitors and customers.

It’s significant to be honest and sincere on social media. By regularly providing engaging and exciting content, you can motivate others to share your posts and drives more search engine traffic to your business profiles.

Mahnoor is a four year veteran of using social media and both web and mobile technologies to built digital relationships for businesses, organizations, and individuals. Mahnoor speaks, blogs, writes articles, and make media of all kinds at Pevolve.


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