How To Succeed At Facebook Marketing

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If you are the user of Facebook and you have a page which is about particular business, you should communicate and interact with your fans to succeed in a definite sphere. Wanna know how to do this? Read these tips below.

  1. If you have other websites, place hot spots, so the visitor’s attention can be grabbed by these links. You can integrate your blog or store. Make days of discounts in this store, your fans will appreciate it.
  2. Keep your fans on your page through games, different apps, funny TV-programs or photos. Post short videos that may contain some sort of instructions.
  3. Be creative. People choose Facebook because there is a lot of joy and interesting stuff. Playful posts that catch the eye of visitor it is a half of work already. Head for interests of visitors. How should you know them? Create public polls; they will help you to know your fans better. Look through the all possibilities of Facebook, do not miss any of them, ‘cause they are the core. The variety of posts depends on them or your fans will be bored. Use bold colors on your marketing page. However, you should stay away from aggressive colors, if you want to engage you fans in, not put them off.
  4. Always check the comments; you can adjust some disadvantages on your page due to the comments of visitors. Before you created the post, think about each detail which can provoke the fans’ interest, for example, 
  5. Describe few benefits of liking your posts or page. You should not be afraid to ask for a ‘Like’. Use creative ways, short commercials, for example.
  6. If you have your own store, do not forget to attach high-quality pictures of items. It will catch visitor’s eye.
  7. Do not be afraid to ask your fans to help you. Let them choose design of merchandise, for example. Use voting or public polls.
  8. Use timer to post news or messages early in the morning and in the evening. It’s very important to hold to different time zones, because not all of your fans live in the same one. Update your page regularly. Keep your eye on activity of your fans. If the most of them look through the feed only twice per day or something like that, don’t flood, post the most important updates.
  9. You’d better use status updating if you want to share contest, discounts etc. with all of your fans. Do not flood with enormous quantity of messages; it can scare away your subscribers. If you see that one way of posting bored your fans, try to change something. Interlace different types of presenting of information.
  10. Organize the contests, competitions; offer a prize to the winner. Offer people to share their photos, material with other fans, use voting to determine the victor. There is also a small trick: those who take part in contests, voting ask their friends to vote for them, so one way or another the quantity of visitors increases, some of them come and go away, some of them look through your page and find something funny, something that grabs their attention. So, you get more subscribers.

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