Tech Guru Gossip: Speculation and Buzz Surrounding the iPhone 6

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Apple’s new iPhone, dubbed the iPhone6 will be released this upcoming fall (2014). Apple has not officially released the details about the phone but several features have been leaked to the media in order to whet the publics’ appetite. Although a lot of rumors are merely hearsay, some speculations are quite accurate, only increasing the excitement for the impending release date.

The Look

The iPhone6’s look has been completely redesigned for 2014. There will likely be a 4.7 diagonal inch screen as well as a 5.5 inch screen. The screen is large in comparison to its predecessor, the iPhone5. The iPhone5 version is merely 4 inches and the iPhone4 was only 3.5 inches. The increase in size will make the iPhone6 comparable to the Android and Windows phones. It is likely that the larger sized screen (5.5 inches) will be released after the debut of the 4.7 inch screen. A thinner bezel and chassis are also expected for the new iPhone6. Preliminary snapshots of the iPhone6 show it in Grey, Gold and Silver colors. reports that the new phone’s dimensions are about 138mm in height, 67 mm wide and 7mm thick. This means that the new iPhone is larger than the iPhone5 which was 124 mm in height, 58 mm in width and 7.6 mm thick.

Beautiful Imagery

Not only will the screen be larger but it will also likely have an improved resolution. The smaller version of the phone is rumored to have a pixel density of 416 along with a resolution of 1704 x 960 pixels. The screen will be high quality sapphire crystal. The larger version of the phone will have a pixel density of around 365. Ming-Chi Kuo, a popular electronics analyst, estimates that this version of the new iPhone will have a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Experts estimate that the new iPhone’s ppi range will be between 320 and 420. Most think that the 16:9 ratio will remain intact.

An Improved Camera

A Chinese tech blogging website called Weibo obtained a prototype of the new phone. Their pictures and reports indicate that the new version of the phone has similar cutouts as the iPhone5, allowing the camera to face forward. It appears as though the camera’s lens extends a bit more forward than the previous iPhone camera. Part of this is due to the fact that the new version of the phone is not as thick as previous models. Yet the camera appears to be much larger from the initial snapshots.

Computing Power

Early reports are stating that the iPhone6’s processor will have an A8 chip from TSMC with 20 nanometers. Some have reported that Apple has partnered with Samsung to help produce the chips. Experts believe that the new chip will boost the phone’s performance by one third. Rumors are flying that the phone will use a 64 bit processor along with quad core graphics.

This is certainly an exciting time in the electronics realm. Smartphones are continually improving and it looks like the iPhone 6 will once again impress and cause a purchasing for Apple followers. Hopefully the phone will deliver on the expectations and rumors we’ve heard so far, but we won’t know until it is finally released. Information for this article was provided by the iPhone experts of Apple Shark, who allow you to sell your iPhone back to them, no matter what condition the device is in.


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