Features of iPhone 5S that makes it unique from rest others

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There was a great transformation in the Smartphone market with the coming of Apple’s first generation Smartphone named iPhone. Before that, the typical phone was marked by keypads, and iPhone first brought about a revolution by not adding keypads to the design. The total concept of phone was changed by this very innovative thinking by the makers of iPhone. Today, touch screen is the trend of the day and smart phones without touch facility are popular among tech savvies.

The latest version of Apple iPhone series is the iPhone 5S, which was launched in the year 2013. The predecessor of this version, the iPhone 5 had been revised to bring out this latest eye candy that has already started conquering the Smartphone market. Apart from slight changes and revisions of the previous version, the greatest feature that stands from the old version is the new OS, iOS 7. The latest version of mobile operating system from Apple is the catchy feature that has made it different from the previous version.


Some major changes have also been made to iPhone user interface. New features are also found as addition to the new version.  Finger button print authentication technology is the latest technology used in iPhone 5S, that has been developed for the purpose of authorizing the activities of the Smartphone user. Home button is redesigned in this version, and has the capability to detect fingerprints. It can also authorize the payments made to the purchases made from iTunes as well as App Store. This very Smartphone has the ability to store around five finger prints on the phone’s secure chip. This can be used for the purpose of authentication.

This model also introduces a new processor, by name M7. This processor is in charge of the sensor inputs like accelerometer as well as gyroscopes. M7 processor has the capability of taking the load from the main processor. By doing so, it will allow the main features of the phone to move quicker than the older version. iPhone 5S is also the only Smartphone available to have a processor with 64 bits. This is the reason why it is known to be much faster than the other smartphones that are popular in the market these days.

Moreover, the accessories of Apple iPhone 5S also makes it more catchy. The quality leather cases with 8pin dock take the place of the 30 pin dock of the earlier versions. With the growing competition that is going on in the Smartphone market, iPhone 5S is sure to win the race of gaining popularity among masses.

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