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Gone are the days when people used to apply traditional business strategies to sell their goods/services. The new business strategy has changed the way people used to do business now everything is over the touch. Physical presence is changed to website, phones are no more used, email has replaced them, marketing/sales reps are gone, electronic presentations has replaced them. All these changes bring new challenges to the web. Design of the web is now more important than the company physical profile. Most of the online entrepreneurs do not know the importance of a good design; it’s like a mechanic who is shocked to know that a car owner does not know where camshaft is what its purpose is.  The Entrepreneur’s main job is to design the business strategy like Steve Jobs worked with his designer named Jony Ive. Jony converted Steve Jobs’s ideas into designs. Below are few important points an entrepreneur must know.

  • Use Plain colors on website, do not use dark colors
  • Theme must be consistent
  • Ensure you have put enough marketing material to attract customers
  • Product Branding is very important
  • Make site more customer friendly
  • Customers don’t read website they scan it, it is very important to have a proper product content.
  • Don’t make customers think.

After you make a proper appealing design you need some tricks regarding SEO. The most common among SEO gurus is link building. Link building is a technique to build back links of your website. But in SEO World it is not clear even today what “Link building is”. SEO gurus create links to the web marketplace to link your content to the market. This will enable Search engines to crawl to those sites and then jump to yours this increase the possibility of your website to come up on the search results. This is not a rocket science but it requires creativity, skills and innovation. A smart link builder knows which of your site URL’s need to be linked with whom and what is required to get the most benefit. Most of the link builders build new sites and hire article writers to do this job and publish those articles to social media which requires another person named Social Media Manager. Who creates different profiles on social media sites and then linked them to your site.

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